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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Do we always require company? Are we uncomfortable going out alone and we need that one constant "BFFs" company? Are we that boring (alone)? Or is it that we are just scared to spend time all by ourselves?

I love spending time alone, no company needed, no small talks, no forced talks, just me alone, doing my thing in my own space- own flow- own speed. No one to question, no one to ask, just me and me alone. Enjoying my own company.

Do we always need someone? The answer is no, we do not. We are good enough for ourselves. An addition sometimes is always good but enjoying your own company is also not bad.

But its not easy. People are scared being alone/staying, going out alone. I had the same perception. But that changed. I guess it was one random Saturday, had an argument with a friend and I decided to bunk and treat myself with some "Me" time so I decided to watch a movie and what better than watching "Queen" alone.

Felt weird obviously, the person at the counter asked me twice if I wanted a single ticket for the show, people stare, talk and will always make you feel uncomfortable when you do something different. Probably because its not "normal" but what does "normal" anyway mean?

I think that outing gave me a perspective or probably changed my perspective of "Being Alone". Today, I do not find anything unusual when I travel alone, go shopping alone or just grab a meal alone. But people around me find that weird, unusual. They say I have a "problem". Yes, I had a problem of not being okay with staying alone, but I fixed it.

Being alone and being lonely are obviously two different things. Being alone is more by choice, a choice you make to be at ease with yourself, with your thoughts. Not everyone can handle that. And that is fine.

I read this somewhere and it makes perfect sense - "If you make friends with yourself, you will never be alone."

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