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Have you ever checked yourself?

Here checking doesn’t mean checking your weight, food, or anything. The checking I am talking about is CHECKING YOURSELF (ONESELF). We need to keep checking ourselves.

Every day is not the same. Each day we show different behaviors.

At times we have high moods or low moods.

There is a rough phase we all go through someday, we turn the world upside down thinking everyone is blaming your no reasons, telling you to change and pointing at your mistakes every time.

Here I would like everyone to stop, think & realize something that SOMETIMES YOU’RE THE TOXIC PERSON.

One can be wrong no one is perfect in this world.

We need to understand our mistakes and change those mistakes. The most important is to apologize. That’s what matters and that’s what growth is.

We need to realize the mistakes we do in our life. At times we realize them and sometimes other people make you realize it.

People point at you & tell your mistakes for a reason. That’s an area we need to work on, and we need to stop cribbing on such things and most importantly to stop over thinking.

One needs to understand that there are few things one needs to work on. That is enlightened, a striving for continuous change.

At times we are the Toxic person and not others.

We need to change ourselves and correct our mistakes.

And the change is for the betterment of oneself and not for others, as what we do now might reflect later.


#changeyourself #toxicperson#bethechange#betterme

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