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Defeat Awaits!

She cried silent tears,

Her story had no flesh and blood

All just broken bones and bends.

There was no one inside

No soul, no rainbow and no light.

There was only a battle within

Within, it was empty and dark.

She did not fight it, cause defeat owned her

She knew no escape,

She smiled with a tear in

her eye

For emptiness filled her and didn't want to

let go of its hold on her.

She wanted to cry, cry out loud

But it didn't let her

It? She knew it was beyond her

It was only a stranger that strangled her from inside

The inside, she knew no way to.

Nothing sustained her through the madness

Her tears were not seen, but her smile was a lie

A lie she told the world.

She wandered in the darkness

that never stopped, that never ended.

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