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Have you ever calculated or noticed the amount of sorry an individual tells!!

Most people are schooled to mention, “I’m sorry,” when we have done a thing wrong, But in today’s culture, we’re apologizing when it’s not even necessary.

Each individual has this tendency of saying “sorry” all the time. Be it at an occasion, event or work. Sorry is not just said at the time when one makes mistakes or hurt someone. It is told even when u don’t really need to.

Elaborating more on this, I was surfing through the net and I came across this psychological term I personally didn’t know. So, there’s an actually a term for saying sorry all the time as “SORRY SYNDROME”. Its recently coined.

According to it people who care a lot about the feelings & preferences of others often tend to over-apologize even when they have done nothing wrong.

I can relate to it as I personally say sorry almost all the time even when I don’t need to say. Coming across sorry syndrome was actually a knowledge perspective for me. Maybe I found the reason behind for saying sorry multiple times.

According to some research it is assumed that women’s have more tendency of the syndrome then males. Saying sorry has some affects our career, our lifestyle to some extent.

Talking about career, when we say sorry in an organization it said that the person is very apologetic and nice especially affiliated for a woman, when they stop saying it labelled as aggressive, attitude. And its assumed that men have a behavior of over apologizing. It is said to be to related anxiety, culture, seeking acceptance, insecurity.

We need to stop this as it is becoming an intense habit which some people like it and some don’t and some enjoy it.

Excessive apologies will alter the approach that you just are treated and may even tempt unkind people to go along with you, as they read you as a straightforward target for his or her manipulations.

We need to use the words correctly and precisely! Something like “I’m sorry I feel this” instead one can say “Here’s how I feel.”

  • Pause and reflect in silence before saying anything.

  • Ask yourself if you personally did anything wrong.

  • Reflect on why you feel guilty/ why you feel the need to say “sorry”

  • When you actually stop OVER APOLOGIIZING, you will be able to express your self in a better way and your real thoughts will come in the picture.

  • It will surely boost your confidence then by saying sorry which lowers it.

“Apologizing when we have done something wrong is a real strength and bravery, but habitual apologizing represents as a weakness at work and in personal relationships.”

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