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We all have heard this word “Mindfulness” somewhere somehow but have we ever bothered to know what does it mean?

“Stay in the present” “Being aware of your present situation” is Mindfulness.

Staying or being aware of the situation in hand and eliminating the various stresses around is something we need to be Mindful.

No doubt, the stressors have increased and we have lost our selves in it.

But Mindfulness is an important aspect in today’s world. It’s an important element in our life. And in recent times has gained immense popularity.

So has the Japanese term “IKIGAI”. We all need to live a happy and a content life, in order to reach our ikigai. Ikigai is a Japanese term which means “a reason for being”.

Have u ever thought of this

- How aware are you about yourself?

- How aware we are about our needs?

- How conscious are we in ourselves?

Let’s start with a simple thinking. Do you feel or enjoy the food we eat? Do you enjoy that moment, live in that moment? Enjoying its tastes, that smell, the texture of the food?

I would say no. Because we are busy chewing and worrying about not missing the episode on Netflix? Aren't we?

We are losing our consciousness and daily stressors in every aspect of our life.

Even with having these stressors, we can bring mindfulness to our everyday activities like eating, dancing, singing, showering, brushing etc. We can achieve the state of mindfulness in every activity we do. Once we start doing this our life will be more meaningful, we will be aware of our needs or wants our happiness.

The current Pandemic situation has impacted us in various way. Re-socialization is happening, new rules, new life style, work from home, online classes basically we are in the process of adopting the “new normal”.

This transition has affected our personal as well as professional life. With all these changes happening in our surrounding we can’t stop thinking. We are not living in the moment. It’s like when we are eating our mind wanders around different things. Even though we are eating but not really eating. We need to stop, live & enjoy that moment. Enjoy the food we eat, take pleasure of the food given and forget the things for that moment.

Since time once gone, cannot be brought back..

Until and unless we enjoy and take pleasure of that moment, we won’t be happy. It’s said “Enjoy, take pleasure in the work you do”.

“Stop thinking about the past or future. As the past we can’t change and the future we can’t be predicted. But we have the opportunity to live in present and make changes accordingly”

Stop, Relax and then Feel the moment.

#Livethatmoment #Mindfulness #NewNormal #HappyMinds

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