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A lot of people might be extremely good at talking but when it comes to listening we fall short.

Listening is extremely important. It can never be taught. In school, we are always taught how to behave, communicate, speak and write but not how to listen.

In today’s world, it’s really important to listen. You can actually help someone by just listening to them. There are many voices that aren’t heard yet in today’s world and people suffer.

Just by listening to someone we can help them, hear them out and help them express the things they haven’t yet expressed. Just by listening, we can make a change. In our busy world, we have ignored to listen to our loved ones and in turn faced unexpected issues.

According to me, it’s really important to listen because just by listening we all can make a difference in their life. At times we don’t need people to talk or give us a solution at times we just need someone who can actually listen to us loud and clear.

Listening is important in professional as well as personal lives. I think listening help us become better individual. We can positively pay attention to people and learn from them just by listening. At times, we just need to listen and not react.

In our society, it is said to communicate effectively to solve issues, but I think listening to each other effectively is really important than just communicating. When people aren’t listening to each other, it’s really easy to misinterpret and misunderstand to develop. Listening to each other perspectives, listening to opinions, ideas are really important both professionally as well as personally.

Just by listening to someone we can improve our relationships, develop trust and empathy.

For me listening not just means listening just to others but also listening to you our own self, “Listen to your views, your ideas, your dream”, hear them out. It helps us understand ourselves and makes us aware.

A lot of things can be changed just by listening!

We don’t need to do anything but just listen to them, it nurtures people.

Let’s hear the unheard.

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