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Reclaiming Memories

"Go laugh in the places you have cried". Change the narrative...

It's truly remarkable how our favorite places and memories can evoke a range of emotions and reflections, especially after time has passed and situations have changed.

The cafe, "our favorite" window seat and chocolate milkshake, hold a significant place in my heart, reminds me of the moments we shared but at the same time also reminds me how far I have come without you.

Those memories are now a symbol of my personal growth and resilience.

Revisiting the places allows me to acknowledge the transformation within myself. The once-shared memories now serve as a reminder of my strength and the progress I have made in healing and rebuilding myself. I work I put myself to, to just feel a bit normal again...

Each time I sit at "that" seat, I reaffirm my ability to reclaim the narrative, shifting the focus from the past to the present and the strength I possess.

Embracing the ability to create new memories in this cherished space, ones that are solely for me, reflects my journey towards self-discovery and self-love. I am no longer defined by the past, but empowered by the choices I make in the present.

May each visit to that cafe and everyplace that meant something to us, now remind me of my resilience, my growth, and the beautiful path of self-discovery i am treading into.

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