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How often do you not feel like your "usual self"? You know the days when you just want to be left alone, not bother or want to be bothered by anyone, just want to be left alone. And trust me these are not the "PMS-ing days" or "I am on my period" days. These are just days where you have enough of everything and everyone and you are just DONE.

These are the days where you want to roam around wearing a "IDK & IDC" printed t-shirt (I Dont Know & I Dont Care). You are in the mode wherein you are aware of everything that is happening but you wish you dint exist. Or had a Harry Potter invisible cloak so no one would bother you.

Today is one such day for me, I just feel "not me", I had an interview today and trust me, I really have no idea what happened in that one hour. I was "not myself". I felt struggling with I wanted to convey, my thought process was not clear. I basically was struggling.

So here I am thinking to myself, what just happened. What is it that is not letting me "be me". Is my mind pre oocupied, is there something I know but i dont want to accept it, is there.. i dont know there are probably a list of 100 what if's running through my mind right now. And i am sure i am not the only one who goes through this "not me" days.

Soo... what do we do? Do we just "let our-self be", you know "go with the flow?" or we should we do something about it? Trust me again on this. I tried making myself better, but it just sort of triggered me more. Made me feel more miserable, lost, irritated... the list goes on.

I figured out, letting the "feeling" be is something that works. Accepting it like you would be accepting any other feeling. It is like you do not force yourself to not be happy, or not be too sad or not be too excited. So why not just accept the "not me" days too?

Give yourself the time to accept this too, not being hard on yourself to act or behave or pretend to be " the normal" you. Just let things work out the way they are. When you accept yourself, everyone and everything else falls in place. This day could actually workout to be your "snooze" day, wherein you just sit back, let your feelings take over and just let things happen when and where they are supposed to happen.

Its like a "take off" day. Time to re-think, re-wire, re-work on yourself or let yourself work on you. Let your mind take over and just slow down a bit, simply, take time off.

Re-built yourself ;)

Any thoughts?

#Timeoff #Rebuilding #Reworkingonmyself #normalandnotsonormaldays

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