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Off everything I have done last year, the major missing from 2019 has got to be TRAVELING. Thinking back, 2019 now feels like a dream. A dream wherein I had the opportunity to travel throughout the year. I actually covered everything, right from beaches, to hills stations, to snow clad mountains.

People often ask me, if I am a beach person or a mountain person. My reply to them is simple, "As far as I am traveling, the beach or the mountain does not matter".

No doubt we all have our preferences, but for me its more about actually traveling. Random places, no clear destination, soaking in the environment, making memories is what is important to me. To blend in with the locals and not feel like an outsider is what my traveling funda is.

Every place has a vibe, every place has its own identity, its own offerings, every place has its own story and that is what makes that place so unique.

Ditch the travel agents, start the quest of making memories without having a map in your hand. Travel for yourself and not for the picture perfect social media post. Live in the moment, as you may later crave for it, because to travel is to live.

#Majormissing2019 #Travel

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